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Dear friends, our policy paper Higher Education in Ukraine Agenda for Reforms is finally available in English! Об этом сообщает myflon.in.ua со ссылкой на СМИ.

The publication covers the major reforms in h ... igher education in Ukraine since an adoption of the Law On Higher Education in 2014. The authors closely examine the issues of state higher education policy, the introduction of internal and external quality assurance system in higher education, the changing perception of academic integrity principles within the educational community.

The policy paper is written in cooperation with Освітні тренди Educational trends and is oriented on all interested in the reform of higher education in Ukraine.

Please find the policy paper under the following link http//www.kas.de/ukraine/en/publications/49848/

Публікація також доступна українською мовою http//www.kas.de/ukraine/ukr/publications/49177/

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